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* RO.B.IN opensource Mesh Network Forum .... new forum ....join us if you want to talk Robin/Batman or Robin/OLSR. Our own opensourcemesh at google chat is still available for all open source mesh chat if you want to talk more on a 1 to 1 personal level and our skype line is always open if you want to join us as we iron out any day to day hiccups...

* Wi-viz
Running on a Linksys WRT54G or compatible router powered by the excellent Linux firmware OpenWRT, Wi-viz places the wireless apparatus into a special monitor mode that doesn't interfere with the operation of the router. Here it sits, calmly examining all wireless packets coming into the interface, extracting valuable information about the surrounding wireless infrastructure.
* X-Wrt
webif2 is a set of packages and patches to enhance the end user experience of OpenWrt. It is NOT a fork of OpenWrt. They work in conjunction with the OpenWrt developers to extend OpenWrt
* Home of BATMAN
Open Mesh is the home of the BATMAN routing protocol.
The original OLSR protocol
An Italian individual by the name of Antonio wrote a piece titled ROBIN which allows you to include BATMAN into OpenWRT. This particular page of the site shows how to flash a unit with ROBIN.
* OLSR.Funkfeuer Group
The OLSR.Funkfeuer Group at Vienna / Austria has launched the OLSR-NG project and is spending an enormous amount of effort to improve the performance of mesh routing protocols with a special focus on OLSR and and it's derivative BATMAN.
* Freifunk OLSR Blog
A blog from one of the members of the Freifunk/OSLR group. These folks have lots of experience working with a large number of very diverse nodes.
This particular group focuses on trying to bring compartmentalized technical knowledge back to those who find the need to learn about technical topics. Fortunately, they do so in a way that even those who are new to the topics they cover have enough resources at their fingertips to be able to understand the material.
o Primer on Mesh Networking...
Written to explain to Joe Public what Mesh Networking is all about.
An Australian group who is focused on bringing Mesh networking to everyone in Australia.
o Mesh Networking How-to
* MeshAP Google Group
Originally, a group focused around LocusWorld's MeshAP, many are refocusing to find both Meraki & MeshAP replacements. Many of them are still looking at the route of DD-WRT versus OpenWRT.
This group is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is focused around brining a free Internet to the masses in Canada... one block at a time.
o Google Group
This group discusses the efforts of including the development of the Merhaki firmware development which is very similar in shape to our goals with firmware and CnC at OSM.
* Chumby
The chumby is a device that is designed to replace your alarm clock. It is completely open source software and hardware. The design of the device is that it is an alarm clock that can be extended to also allow you to check the various points of interest around the Internet without having to "go" to those places (by virtue of gadgets/plug-ins which retrieve systematic information such as RSS feeds and displaying them appropriately on the touch screen). The chumby is interesting and listed here because of the model that the company has used to open source their hardware.
* Berlin wireless weekend 2007 with Sven-Ola
I'm still reading about this one... will fill in more details when I've finished reading it... -AMG
* Freifunk-Firmware project
This project includes build scripts, sources for several small packages written and some patch files needed to customise OpenWRT.
o A good list of things included in the Freifunk-Firmware
o It may also be obtained via anonymous CVS in the sourceforge repository
* Net Equality
NetEquality is a United States non-profit organization focused on bringing the Internet to low-income communities. In the process of doing this, they've created a set of "add on monitoring tools" that can work in tandem with the dashboard for your Meraki Networks hardware and firmware. They are also a Meraki Networks hardware reseller. They also market a series of specialized enclosures for apartment communities to discourage theft and vandalism.
* FreeTheNet Wiki
The original FreeTheNet Wiki started in the United States. It has since spread over the oceans. A great resource for finding other networks who have the goal of freeing the Internet from as many corporate constraints as possible. Many of these groups are also focused on Free(as in beer)|Free(as in speech) networks.
* Open Source Mesh Links
OpenSourceMesh... you should be familiar with us at this point, however, here are some of the communication tools we have:
o OSM Skype Chat.
OSM has a skype chat line if you want to enter into online discussion by skype.
o OSM IRC Chat
Currently, we don't have much going on with IRC, however, it will likely turn into the primary place that things are discussed for OSM and will replace the Skype Chat. We're working on getting some bots setup. If you are willing to host an IRC bot, please contact Andrew Gearhart to let him know.
o OpenSourceMesh Google Group
OSM google group chat with network providers from both sides of the Atlantic involved. At momemt looking for a MeshAP/Meraki/Fon replacement using OpenWRT

This is the end of the current links..... but we welcome many more!!