Welcome to our rapidly developing group!!

This group is only a few weeks old and we have over 80 members and growing!! We need more programmers and those willing to trial and test new products! We are all volunteers! So we must be keen!!

Our common goal is a reliable Open Source Meshing Software

We are looking at various routers and their software. We hope the software can work on Meraki, Foneros, MeshAP, old Compaqs....

We are looking at the CnC (Command & Control), known as the Dashboard to many! This needs to be fully configurable if required or left simple for those that want a basic freenet

We are looking at ways to allow us all to monitor as much or as little as we individually require

Currently, this isn't a silver bullet - we don't have the complete answer yet, but would welcome everyones input and expertise into the project.We have on trial different options..... We do need more technical developers....

Thanks for joining and listening!

Currently we are based in Europe and the US. We are working alongside other groups in New Zealand and Canada.

The first easily configurable OSS software is now available with EasyFlash utility by Sven-Ola Tuecke (www.freifunk.net). Firmware by Antonio Anselmi (www.blogin.it), Marek Lindner and the entire B.A.T.M.A.N.crew..


Richie, Ian, Andrew, Guy, Philip, Ted and the rest of this newly formed team!

Below you will see a quick review of our RSS feed and to the right our friends over in Vancouver!